The Why

Led by a passionate staff, the weight room is a place to build.  It can be humbling, as there is no true substitute for hard work.  Athletes will develop persistence and will be rewarded for it in the form of performance on the court.


Athletes will follow a four week training cycle.  This will allow the athletes to have a week to acclimatize to the workout followed by 2 weeks of loading and a week of deload, to give the athlete a balance of work and recovery.  The variety of tempo and equipment will challenge athlete’s strength, skill, and conditioning. To provide the appropriate training environment, Youth and Adult athletes will have designated training times.  Youth athletes will follow along with either 2 or 3 training sessions a week, to accommodate their practice and tournament schedules.  Adult athletes can choose 2, 3, or unlimited classes per week.


Chris Hawk graduated from UNCW in 2016 with a B.S. in Exercise Science.  He is currently the Wellness Coordinator for an independent living retirement community in Porter’s Neck.  Chris holds his Sports Performance Coach certification through USA Weightlifting and his Personal Training certification through the American College of Sports Medicine.

Emily Hilliard graduated from UNCW with a B.S. in Exercise Science.  She completed her field experience with a local gym where she learned how to correct form.  Emily is a TRX Certified Instructor.

The Goal

The goal of the NC Coastal Strength and Conditioning Program is first and foremost, injury prevention.  An athlete that cannot practice or play because of an injury will not improve.  The second is to develop the player’s ability to do work.  The program will allow the athlete to play harder, faster, and longer by developing usable strength, mobility, and conditioning.

The Session

Each training session will start with a dynamic warm-up and prehab exercises designed to prepare the athlete for training.  The coach will then lead the athletes through a full-body workout, starting with the main-lift.  To maximize efficiency in the weight room, the accessory exercises will be paired into supersets, allowing one muscle group to rest while working another, while continuously taxing the conditioning of the athlete.