Club and High School coaches don’t get players recruited –
PLAYERS GET THEMSELVES RECRUITED through hard work on the volleyball court, training at the highest level, visiting colleges, doing online research, attending camps, filling out interest forms on the college websites, contacting college coaches directly, sending film and providing their club/high school coaches’ contact information for reference.

NC Coastal has added Sports Recruits to our tools to assist players with the recruiting process. Your team fee this year will include a Sports Recruits profile, assistance with setting up your profile and monthly check-in sessions during the season to work on your recruiting process.  NC Coastal has college coaches, seasoned coaches and college athletes on our staff who know the recruiting process. Our staff has an active college coach, several who have coached USA Volleyball High Performance teams, one who is a High Performance Coach Instructor, and  another one who has coached 23 players that went on to play volleyball in college. And… our association with Gold Medal Squared has given us a network of contacts that extends from local programs to colleges all over the country.


What our coaches all know is that coaches don’t get you recruited – we can advise players on the process and act as references if a college coach calls, but ultimately college coaches want to engage in ATHLETE DRIVEN recruiting relationships.

Any club coach that tells you they can get you recruited is not being truthful and is misleading athletes about the process.

Click the links below for information on how to get your recruiting process started.


NC Coastal Guide to Start Your Recruiting Process

Initial-Eligibility-Recruiting Facts